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Got socks in the mail from China I didn’t order


Got socks in the mail from China I didn’t order

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Hi Sherry Mcnutt,

It may be a brushing Scam. It's sent by sellers in China to boost the seller's ratings by creating fake orders. They usually ship an inexpensive product to an unwitting receiver and then submitting positive reviews on the product.

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Hi everyone, just in case someome reads this PLEASE DON'T LET YOURSELF GET CHEATED by these people. It was everywhere on Facebook and Instagram a few websites with Black Friday OFFERS on Fujifilm mini cameras. The prices where very low, £19 per one, when the actual price is about 60 or £80. I ordered 2 of them for my nieces. I GOT "GUCCI" SOCKS... Socks I DIDN'T ORDER, didn't want and I didn't expect. Please don't order from this thieves.
The "factory's" name is LIUSHUMEI. It has a fake address, I think. * Liushumei 4th floor, 27 Jiangwan Road, Foshan City, Guangdong Providence, Chancheng, foshanshi, gaungdongshen 518000 China* the postcode doesn't even exist.

Received product i didn't order (2 replies)

I received a package of Versace socks. I would never have ordered this.
From: Shishai
02 Jinxiu Road
Daliang, Foshan, Guangdong 528000
Phone 8615622326174
Has anyone else received a package from here?

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