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Received the wrong product


I received FENDI’s two pairs of socks. However, I didn’t order them, I ordered WC’s peach printed black long sleeve last month. In addition, I bought the long sleeve about 30 dollars, but on the wrong package, 12 dollars was printed. That is also wrong.
I want to receive the right product. And please reply and help me how and what do I do.

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Hi Minori,

You need to contact the seller as soon as possible to reflect the problem to get a solution about that. If they don't reply you, try to open a case if you pay through PayPal.
Thank you for replying. I’ve already sent a message for the seller. But when I had some questions, they didn’t answer... And i didn’t pay by PayPal so I opened the package, but any paper is in it.
Hi Minori,

It may be a scam if the seller doesn't reply you.
Hello Daisy,
Yes, I think so. But the seller sent me socks so I confused
i ordered large umberella got a cheap ring tracked cannot find company this is the 3rd item i did not receive scams from china also a looklike baby doll was the worst thing you ever saw bad made doll rubber hanging off got pay pal to sort was 42 $ they made an offer of $18 i refused got $32 would not refund full price so many people scamed yet facebook still advertise them

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