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wrong product


I just received a package conatining a wrong portable speaker, inferior in quality from the one I bought from Saiding. does not work well has no basss response, no manual or instructions, does not get blue tooth connection.
I do not want this product, I want my money back, please help.
Saiding, floor 2 postal processing center, Shengyan road, Houxi Town, Jimei District, Xiamen, fujian 361000 phone 61881556.

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Hi jaime,

Sorry, we couldn't help you about this. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem to ask how do they solve it for you. If they agree to refund you, they will give you the right address for return it back. Once they receive it, they will refund you.
You were scammed. We got the same JBL joke. Ours is Blue. My partner ordered this after I TOLD him to only order thru Alibaba’s platform and that a lot of these offsite merchants are thieves. This painted water bottle is garbage. I can’t even donate this. I am so sorry these THIEVES got you too. They’re probably sick with Covid virus anyway. Order thru Alibaba trading and Conduct ALL transactions via the APP.
I ordered this package from “Huangxiaoting Shengyan Road, Hauxi Town, 361000. I want to return it but no information about it. Can you help me please???

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