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Help with correct writing address to China


Can you please help me with correct writing address to China. I have an Item to return to China and the adrress sender sent me is like this:

Sang Shengdong 15510771525
China jiang su sheng su zhou shi kun shan shi Room405Liancai business center No.18 Chunxu Road Kunshan Development Zone Suzhou Jiangsu
CN 215300 su zhou shi jiang su sheng.

Caould you please format this for me so I can use FEDEX,USPS,UPS or any other sugested form of shipping to China with tracking number.
Thank you very much.
Waldemar J.

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1 Answer(s)

Hi Waldemar Jozefowicz,

Receiver's name: Sang Shengdong
Receiver's phone number: 15510771525
Address: Room 405, Liancai business center No.18, Chunxu Road, Kunshan Development Zone, Kun Shan Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Postal Code: 215300

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