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how much does it cost to send to turkey from guangzhou


how much does it cost to send to turkey istanbul from guangzhou
Can I learn the calculation rates.

You may get the answer from the following articles:

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Here is the price for your reference:

For package less than 2kg:
16 RMB for the first 100g and 12RMB for each additional 100g.
Additional 8RMB for tracking service.

For package over 2kg:
158.9RMB for the 1kg and 82.1 for each additional 1kg.
120.8RMB for the 1kg and 44 for each additional 1kg.
Additional 8RMB for tracking service.
I can not understand why there are two prices for package over 2kg 158,90rmb and 120,80rmb
158.9RMB is by air. 120.8RMB is through SAL.

16 RMB is also by air.

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