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How to start using epacket shipping? I am from USA now in China.


Can someone please explain HOW to use this service? I am from the U.S. now living in China. I would like to continue using eBay but the only affordable way to ship is with ePacket. But I have no idea how to do this. Ebay customer service was no help at all.

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Hi sgsmaster,

Are you a seller of eBay? Could you let me know which city do you live now?

In fact, there are many international freight forwarders that offer ePacket service in large cities of China. You can use one of them to deliver your package.
Yes, I have sold on (U.S. version) for 15 years. I moved to China last October and live in Kunming. Unfortunately my efforts at finding out how to do this from eBay has failed. I have been trying to figure this out for weeks so i would greatly appreciate some help. Thank you.
Have you gone to the local China post offices to ask if they could deliver them for you by using ePacket ?

As far as I know it's hard to find a ePacket agency in Kunming. There are many companies in Guangzhou that could help you to deliver packages by ePacket. But I think it's not convenient. You need to first send the package to them then they will help you to send out.
hi how do l get epacket service any epacket agent to hlp ship my goods from china to uk .how do l contact them

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