I booked a registered parcel from Wuhan to Pakistan on 30 -12 2019 not received

Asked by Shanza kayani | 2/3/2020 2:40:23 AM

I Shanza kayani student of Wuhan medical College booked a registered parcel receipt no CP389538975CN On 30-12-2019 from Wuhan to Karachi , Pakistan but not received till 3-2-2020. Please find out my parcel whereabouts .

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Daisy 2/9/2020 5:18:29 AM

Hi Shanza kayani,

You couldn't get it. It didn't pass the check in China and returned back. The seller has got it on Jan. 14. You'd better contact the seller as soon as possibe to reflect the problem and give you a solution.

Number: CP389538975CN
Package status: Delivered (15 Days)
Country: China -> Pakistan
2020-01-14 17:07, Wuhan City, signed, other: collection bureau, delivery officer: Deng Wansong, tel: 15807143813
2020-01-14 17:06, Wuhan City, Wuchang Peng Liu Yang Delivery Department arranged delivery, delivery officer: Deng Wansong, Tel: 15807143813
2020-01-14 15:43, Wuhan City, leaving the "Wuhan Tongcheng Distribution Processing Center", the next stop "Wuchang Peng Liu Yang Delivery Department"
2020-01-13 14:05, Wuhan, Import Customs Release
2020-01-12 15:11, Wuhan City, arriving at Wuhan Center
2020-01-10 20:30, Beijing, leaving Beijing West Station, next stop (Wuhan Center) (via transfer)
2020-01-07 11:15, Beijing, Import Customs Release
2020-01-06 16:32, Beijing, sent to import customs
2020-01-06 15:58, Beijing, Beijing Post International return, note: security return
2020-01-05 20:24, Beijing, Beijing Exchange Station Return
2020-01-04 22:35, Beijing, delivered to air transport
2020-01-04 10:29, Beijing, Beijing Post International has been exported directly sealed
2020-01-02 10:26, Beijing, arriving at Beijing Terminal (via transfer)
2020-01-01 04:52, Wuhan City, leaving the Wuhan Center, the next stop "Beijing Terminal"
2019-12-30 19:01, Wuhan City, arriving at Wuhan Center
2019-12-30 17:21, Wuhan City, leaving the Post Wuhan Wuchang District Peng Liu Yang Road, the next station "Mail Processing Center"
2019-12-30 16:43, Wuhan City, "Peng Liu Yang Post Branch" has received

Arqum 5/5/2020 3:32:09 PM

Tracking no: RE047683599CN
It's been over a month since my parcel has been in transit. Can you please update me when will I receive my parcel?

Daisy 5/5/2020 6:03:42 PM

Hi Arqum,

It may be delayed due to few flight to Pakistan. You'd better wait for another 20 days to see if there is any update.

samiullah khan 6/25/2020 5:11:09 AM

i posted 2 parcels from nanchang jiangxi to pakistan through china post (cp361759929cn, cp361759915cn) in december 12 but till now i have no news of it ..kindly find out what the problem is ...

Hettie 6/25/2020 7:34:24 AM

Hi samiullah khan,

They may be delayed due to the coronavirus. You'd better wait for more days to receive them.

Wasif William 7/16/2020 4:49:26 AM

I want to buy stuff from aliexpress, but posts are going from china to Pakistan?

Daisy 7/16/2020 10:56:06 PM

Hi Wasif William,

Yes, China post could ship to Pakistan.

Dure Shehvar Sana 7/16/2020 11:05:20 PM

I dispatched a parcel on 19 november from Ji'an ,jiangxi.
Parcel no. Is CP338310858CN
Destination was peshawar, Pakistan.
It still has not arrived here.
Kindly tell me where is my parcel.

Kamran 8/25/2020 9:33:54 AM

I want to confirm that if i buy some gemstones from china and send to Pakistan through china post, should i pay custom/tax before sending parcel or on delivery?
Weight is about 700 grams
Cost is about 500 RMB.
Guide please

Hettie 8/27/2020 12:34:59 AM

Hi Kamran,

You can send it through china post. You don't need to pay for custom/tax.

Hassan zahid 9/23/2020 2:58:55 AM

I shipped a parcel of 3 bags from wuhan to china in July 2020 . Now its been almost 3 months , but i didn’t receive it .. CP389536294CN .. can you please update

Daisy 9/24/2020 12:15:37 AM

Hi Hassan zahid,

This kind of package usually takes 3 months to be delivered. You'd better wait for one more month to see if you could get it.

Rafiq 10/13/2020 11:13:49 PM

I have ordered something of which location code is Cp388407205cn in april 2020, but i stil haven't got it, please give me some updates

Hamza 10/19/2020 10:23:27 PM

I placed an order at the start of August 2020, from China to Pakistan. tracking number UW625602250CN. It hasn't reached me till now. Buyer protection is almost over. Can you please update

Hamza Ahmed 10/19/2020 10:25:10 PM

I placed an order at the start of August 2020 to Lahore, Pakistan. tracking number UW625602250CN. It hasn't reached me till now. Can you please update

Aamir 11/2/2020 9:10:01 AM

My order RE128423497CN has been stuck in transit for 58 days and there has been no update since in the tracker please tell where my parcel is and why it hasn’t reached yet!

Daisy 11/2/2020 9:07:47 PM

Hi Aamir,

RE128423497CN is delayed due to the coronavirus. I suggest you contact the seller to give you a solution if you couldn't receive it in time.

Beenish Ali baig 11/3/2020 11:59:29 AM

Plz I haven't received my parcel yet , it's almost going to be a year , I don't where is my parcel , plx find it , and send it for me, my tracking number is CP378398036CN

Wahaj 11/4/2020 12:33:43 AM

Hey my order RE136249512CN is not arrived its been 57 days and there is no update from seller it hasn’t reached please tell update asap!!

Nabeel 11/4/2020 9:46:43 AM

4 registered parcel
receipt tracking no
not received it has b 68days to 1 parcel other 35days to other 25days to other 28days now. Please find out my parcel.

Tabish 1/12/2021 11:46:46 PM

I shipped a parcel from Tai'an to Rawalpindi, Pakistan in July 2020. Now its been almost 6 months, but i didn’t receive it .. CP411920323CN .. Can you please update??

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