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LT872704730CN - when is this coming ????



2019-07-09 15:37

Wuhan City, "Wuhan Tongcheng Jinjiaxu" arrangement delivery, delivery staff: inside 4 (e post treasure), tel: 13111111111111

2019-07-06 22:49

Wuhan City, leaving the Wuhan International Processing Center, the next stop , Wuhan Tongcheng Distribution Processing Center (via transfer)

2019-07-06 21:13

Wuhan City, leaving the "Wuhan Tongcheng Jinjiaxu", the next stop "Wuhan International"

2019-07-06 15:02

Wuhan City, "Wuhan Tongcheng Jinjiaxu" has received, agent: inside 1 (e post treasure), tel: 13111111111111

2019-07-06 13:43

Wuhan, Import Customs Release


2 Answer(s)

You couldn't get it. The sender has got it. You'd better contact the sender to ask.
Please help me it’s been over a month my tracking number is LY890810964CN when will it arrive very worried

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