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my package is stuck in customs


My package is stuck in customs for 5 days. I have been waiting for it for 3 weeks. Does customs need information or paperwork to clear the package? It is coming from the US and was sent by USPS

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Hi Megan,

What's the tracking number?
This was the last message I got about my package. It is the 26th and still no sign of my package.
Your item was processed through a facility in GUANGZHOU, CHINA on February 24, 2021 at 2:17 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

The Tracking Number is: CJ459021823US
Hi megan b,

It's in transit in China now. It should be delivered recently.

Number: CJ459021823US
Package status: In transit
Country: United States -> China
2021-02-25 07:47 Guangzhou City, arrived at the "Guangzhou Panyu District Prayer Delivery Department"
2021-02-25 05:49 Guangzhou City, leave the Guangzhou Aviation Center, the next stop (Guangzhou Panyu District Prayer Delivery Department) (transit)
2021-02-24 19:35 Guangzhou City, Arriving at Guangzhou Aviation Center (transit)
2021-02-24 14:16 Guangzhou City, import customs release
2021-02-23 11:07 Guangzhou City, import customs retained for inspection
2021-02-18 02:32 Guangzhou City, import customs retained for inspection
2021-02-16 10:32 Guangzhou City, import customs retained for inspection
2021-02-16 09:48 Guangzhou City, sent to the import customs
2021-02-05 22:03 Los Angeles, Los Angeles has been exported straight
2021-02-05 21:51 Los Angeles, Leaving The Overseas Export Swap Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2021-02-05 21:51 Los Angeles, to the Overseas Export Swap Bureau
2021-02-05 21:51 United States, United States has been received
2021-02-05 21:51 Los Angeles, leave the Los Angeles Processing Center

My package was in Panyu on Feb 25. It is March 2nd and there is still no sign of it. Do you know where it is? Will someone notify me when it is arrived. It is important so trying to follow up on it.

Number: CJ459021823US

Hi Megan,

It's still in Panyu now and delayed. You'd better wait for more days to get more update.
Why is it delayed again as it already cleared customs? Can I go pick it up where it is? I have been waiting for almost a month for it to arrive.
Hi meganberkle,

You can contact China Post directly by calling 11185 (Chinese language) to ask if you could pick it up by yourself.
I do not speak Chinese. Is there an English line? Can you tell me why my package is so delayed from that location in Panyu ? I live in Panyu.

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