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Package stuck at customs


Hi there,

my package has been stuck at customs since 22nd of december with the notification ''waiting for customs declaration by addressee''. So far i have not been contacted by anyone about that. Could you please advise what to do?

Tracking number CS543335932DE
Thanks and have a nice day.

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Hi Marc-Oliver,

Are you the receiver in China? China Post should have sent the message to the receiver in China through his/her phone number. If you are not the receiver, you need to let the receiver to check.

Hi Daisy,

yes I am the receiver. But until now I have not received any call or message.
Hi there,
my package is stuck in customs for one month already. I still haven't been contacted and my friends received other packages much earlier. Could you please help?

Hi, a parcel I send from the UK has been at customs since 27th December 2021 and up until now there is no further information. When will this be delivered to the recipient?
Tracking is RY277183115GB
Many thanks

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