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My item tv box not coming i buy to Ebay


Hello shenzhen my item is not coming until now almost 4 months now this augost 10 2016 my item is tv box april 10 2016 i buy the item in Ebay i dont no what happen this is the tracking number LM006315334CN pls help me im worried now i dont is coming or not or lost pls reply me ASAP thank you

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It's not lost. The tracking system shows it was accpeted by another person on 2016-04-15 14:57:36. Is he or she your friend? You'd better ask other people in your family if one of them got it for you.
Hello again i borrow my address my friend P.O.BOX -54763 Saleh Mari Saleh Alshakil here in jeddah co worker he said to me is not coming mssg from saudi post office if have coming mssg meaning to say the item is coming no frieds or other people recieved the item only my friend if no coming the item until next month what do you do forget the item will you pls check to shenzhen city post office express compony messenger name is congzhenyu 216-04-15-14:55 pls check the courier than you

It's strange that the package was delivered successfully in Shenzhen, China. The destination country is Saudi Arabia. I couldn't check the contact number of the messenger Cong Zhenyu in the tracking system. You'd better call 11183 which is China EMS service number to reflect the problem. But I think it has been too long time. You should ask for compensation within three months.
Hi i dont no what is tel number of Cong Zhenyu if sucssesfully deliverd tne package why no mssg the post office to my friend until now is not coming the mssg from post office still waiting now the to my friend thank you

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