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I have a shipment that is not being received


I have a package that was sent and is showing to been attempted to be delivered. There are only 3 houses on my block. The shipper has confirmed the shipping address. How can I find out what is happening to this package? IS the label addressed incorrectly. Is it a delivery error? Is there a US telephone number to call so I can trouble shoot the issue?

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Hi evergreen89142,

What's the tracking number?
YL208283730CN is tracking number which is coming back as stated non deliverable. It is a three house street and the shipper confirmed the address. I am trying to figure out why it was not delivered as I am home all day. No attempt was made. Can I pick these up? Can I get a confirmation on the actual address of the label? I wanting to trouble shoot the issue with the delivery or lack of delivery. I actually have had 7 shipments not delivered and the above is one. I
Hi mppenn18,

There is no tracking information for it. You need to contact the seller to check it for you and give you a solution if you couldn't receive it in time.

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