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I have not received 2 items


I should have gotten my packages the 1st week of January it is now February 1st and I still have not received my packages it says it has been delivered to the United States but not to the address how long does it take to get to the address is my package missing this am I still it what's going on 602-880-9213 I'm getting mad that it's taking this long

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Hello, the wish website says that my items have been delivered, but I still have not received them. The website doesn't show an U.S.P.S. tracking number, nor does it state which shipping company was used, so I'm not able to track them, or contact the shipping company to find out where my items are. I went to my U.S.P.S. office to see if my items were there, but they said they have not received any other packages for me recently. If you could please find out which shipping company was used, & the tracking numbers for these items, I'd appreciate it. The wish tracking numbers for my items are; WI000849382275FPL, WI000848560805FPL, WI000846496605FPL, WI000845584391FPL, WI000845474728FPL, WI000845283635FPL, WI000850740559FPL. Thank you for your time.

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Inever receveive any information about my items nor my items but how it is retourned to the seller in China??? Un probème et n'importe quoi.

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I'm Ryan.

I still have not received the items.
The tracking number of my product are as follows.

What is the problem?
Please let me know when I can get it

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