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Is my package being held for isolation due to covid-19

Asked by robrichards | 1/27/2021 5:49:05 PM

Myt tracking number is LZ599352534CN and i know it says "returned" but i also used another site among many available to track a package and it told me that its being held for safety protocols / reasons, so is my package going to beheld for 2 weeks or something for isolation? is thats what is happening to parcels from china to canada,? after that will be a good chance that it will be sent to me? ive got no response from the seller in weeks for anything, they are non responsive, ill deal with than when i need to via my credit card company and paypal, but for now i got a feeling due to covid-19 my package is just being held and will be sent to me shortly, can you confirm this please after all it was in china posts hands at one point and id appreciate more information then just telling to either contact the seller or wait

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Daisy 1/28/2021 6:52:46 AM

Hi robrichards,

It didn't pass the security check and is still in China now. It should be checked again in the following days. You need to track it in the following days to see if it's normal. If it's returned back again or you couldn't receive it in time, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and give you a solution.

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