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Is my package still in China?


Hi there,
I recently placed an order from a Chinese merchant last month and my package got here in record time - 7 days! I was hoping that this was due to extra cargo space or lower package volume but my latest shipment is slower and with fewer updates.

It's been stuck on this status for 1 week now -
in transit. Guangzhou City, leave (Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center), next stop (Guangzhou International Mail Exchange Station). The processing center is closed.

I'm not sure what "the processing center is closed" means. Is it permanently closed? If not, wouldn't it just have been delivered successfully next business day?

Thank you

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Hi 212emp,

What't the tracking number?

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Dear Daisy,
You replied to my last email that "China Customs don't reply questions about packages to individuals. As the carrier who is in charge of delivering the package in China is China Post, you can only contact China Post to check. " Could China Post please contact China Customs to find out if our package has arrived in China? These are the particulars regarding the package:

Customs Dispatch # UH014194156US, International First Class Mail Service
From: Lee, John M
71 Elwood Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314, USA
To: Zhang, Zangchuan
1816, C Zuo, Renhe Spring Apartment
Wanxiang South Road, Gaoxin Qu,
Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041, China
China Post may contact Zhang, Zangchuan at Phone #18-408266327 to deliver the package.
I believe the package has arrived in China, as it was on its way to China on November 8, but must be held by China Customs. Please request China Customs to release the package for delivery to Zhang, Zangchuan or return the package to me back to the United States if it cannot be delivered.

Thank you, I appreciate China Post's help in resolving this situation with the package.

John M Lee
Phone: +1-917-806-3199 or Email: [email protected]

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