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Is my package stuck and when should I expect it?


I want to know where my package is since it’s said “depart from facility to service provider” for 3 days now shipper is 4PX and it coming to the uk which will be delivered by Royal Mail
Tracking number: QP765546386GB

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My order number is LY424800995CN and I was wondering when I can expect to receive my package. The last shipping update was on August 31st that my package has been handed over to AirLines. Where is my package now and when can I expect its delivery?

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Hi Daisy I really hope you'll please reply to let me know why I'm seeing my package arriving in the city of Vancouver in my country of CANADA on May 25th I expect at a sorting center, but seeing NO MORE UPDATES so seems staying stuck there now 2 weeks. My package tracking # is UW691450635CN Daisy please reply to let me know why I'm seeing it stuck in I expect a Vancouver, CANADA sorting center 2 weeks with NO UPDATES & when you think I should possibly expect to see a update.

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Please check for me when I can expect to get my parcel it's been stuck in Guangzhou.

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