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why is my package stuck for like a week now in "airline receives"?


i know the shipping may cost a little, but that status being stuck, i dont know what to expect or what is going on with my package

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so my package was sent on 11/30 and then on 12/01 it was updated to ''The airline receives it'' then on 12/05 ''Airlines start shipping'' and then again ''The airline receives it''

if the airline started shipping why did the airline receive it again?
is 19 days in transit is normal? (shipping to Israel trough BJ-EMS)
parcel tracking code :

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hi my tracking number is LZ917828966CN and its been stuck on airline receives it since the 23/06, surely it doesn't take that long in the air to get to the UK? im wondering if i have been scammed

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I am waiting on a package that is stuck on
“Airline receives it”. I was told this would be in the us and to me before Christmas. I’m getting nervous. The tracking number is LY568679457CN. Where is it located and how much longer till I receive it?
Thanks so much

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