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Stuck at "The airline receives it"


Hello, i want to know why my tracking is stuck on "The airline receives it" i have 4 orders stuck at that... usually takes 1-2 days to get updated and already passed 10 days and nothing....
my tracking numbers are: LZ424350452CN

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Hi Filipe,

Due to the coronavirus, most of the packages are delayed. You'd better wait for more days to get update for them. They are still in China now.
Thank you for you quick answer, you know when gonna be the next flight, Daisy?
LY526417177CN I havent got an update in a while i was just wondering if you know where my package currently is right now.
Waiting for LZ532342155CN
Have not got an update for 5 days. Says airline received it from China on Dec 11. Will I get an update soon? Really need this package by Christmas. Thanks.
Hey I my order status said airline receives it and then it said handed over to carrier transport and after 8 days it said airline received it again do you know where my package is rn?
Hi Jafed53,

It's still in China waiting for the air space now. You need to wait for more days to get update.
My orders are stuck
LZ536155612CN for 25 days
LZ542612121CN for 16 days
Help me please
Hello the status of my package has not been updated for 6 days, is that normal? LZ593210793CN
My parcel stuck at "plane arrived" since 23 days.. I urgently needed that product but it is in transit since 38 dayss..i want to know where my parcel is??
Please help me , my tracking number is....RE251674700CN

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