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Is my package stuck in Guangzhou City or has it been lost?


Package has been stuck in Guangzhou City since 08-27-21, is it possible it could be lost or has it been shipped??
Parcel: CY002522469CN
Carrier: GD SAL

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Hi Adam,

It's sent by a cheap way of China Post. It may couldn't be tracked after it leaves for some stations in China. You'd better wait for more days to get it.

Number: CY002522469CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2021-08-27 21:44 Guangzhou City, leaving the Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center, the next stop of the Guangzhou International Mail Exchange Station (via transfer)
2021-08-27 13:22 Guangzhou City, Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center has been exported straight
2021-08-26 21:58 Guangzhou City, Arriving at Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center (via)
2021-08-26 19:40 Huizhou City, leaving huizhou mail processing class, the next stop , Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center
2021-08-26 18:39 Huizhou City, Arriving at Huizhou Mail Processing Class
2021-08-26 18:22 Huizhou City, leaving the Longhu Business Department of Huizhou City, the next stop ( Guangzhou International)
2021-08-26 10:03 Huizhou City, Huizhou City Longhu Business Department has received

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