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Item saying its delivered


My tracking item saying its been delivery

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Will my item gets delivered to China? (2 replies)

Hello, I tried tracking my item in this website. It shows delivery attempt, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province on 25th of December. When will this item be delivered? I have written the correct address of the University. Will this item get delivered ? Please let me know.
Tracking number ==> EE006226546NP

Cant track my item (3 replies)

I bought an item from Brilliant planet through amazon on the 26/11/2016. Item tracking number is OWEAA0015671829YQ, the carrier is CHINA POST. I have followed this order upto now (11/01/2017) and it has not been delivered. When i do the tracking, china post has no information as regards to this item yet the seller is assuring me that it was delivered. May i know where china post delivered this item to in Edinburgh?

Package still not delivered (1 reply)

Item is still not delivered your tracking shows the following. I am unable to claim compensation or a refund for this item until it has been proven as being delivered (seller is probably a scammer). Please advise what you are doing with this item (described as unknown yellow colour circle of metal).
Thank you for your help.

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