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LG prefix for package?


Im expecting a package where I know that the size is at least 20x20x10 cm. The product ordered cannot be smaller than this. However the tracking code starts with 'LG' which stands for tracked letter. From what I see letters may never be thicker than 2.5 cm. Was this sent wrong or am I misunderstanding the 'letter' type incorrectly?
The package did arrive in country of destination by the way, but has now been stuck for 10 days at the first sorting center. Not a good sign as that's not very common...

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Hi Xandrios,

Tracking code starts with 'LG' is for package less than 2 kg. Size limit is as follows:

Maximum Size: 90 cm in length, width and depth combined; greatest dimension could not exceed 60cm. Maximum for roll form: length plus twice the diameter 104 cm, greatest dimension could not exceed 90cm.
Minimum Size: 11cm in width and 14cm in length. Minimum for roll form: length plus twice the diameter 17cm, greatest dimension could not be less than 11cm.

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