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Dear Sir/Madam:
Can you please help us locate Miss Li Shan (female: 24 years of age), she works and resides in NANCHANG (PROVINCE OF JIANGXI)?
The lady runs a REAL ESTATE BUSINESS in the city of Nanchang. We would like to get her business telephone and address or residential address, if possible, in order for us to send her business info she requested. We would like to add that we did unfortunately loose and/or misplace her entire references including business phone numbers and addresses as well.
Therefore we would be grateful, if you could please provide us with her accurate business references(accurate address and telephone number).
Your help and cooperation are highly appreciated.

Best regards
Mr. Jeab Kane

1 Answer(s)

Hi Mr. JEAB,

Sorry, it's hard for you to find her information with your limited information.

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