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Lost of Package


Hello sir / madame,

More than a month ago a package was sent from the Netherlands to Qingdao, Chengyang by the name Sharon de Rooij (my girlfriend). PostNL sent the package to China and according their tracking system it was sent to the location. Because nobody was home the package was not delivered. Since then (7th of April 2016) the package is lost. I really want to find my package.

I believe Sharon de Rooij is not that hard to find as it is a rare name in Qingdao. The number of the package is: CC051856242NL. Weight: 1,76kg. Volume: 9,21L.

I hope you can help me.

Kind regards,

Vincent de Jong

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Are you in China now?

I found your package was delivered by Chengyang Receiving Department, Qingdao City. So, I think your package is there now. You can dial 11185 to ask where it is now (If you couldn't speak Chinese, you'd better ask one of your Chinese friends for help). Or, if it's convinient for you, you are suggested to go there to find.

The address is No.564 Fucheng Road, Chengyang District. (城阳区 阜城路564号 )
Thank you! My girlfriend has the package. Soon another package will arrive on this name I hope the process will get better now.
RN425957076GB been stuck at import customs guangzhou city since 8/11 help
Hi tracyreynolds77,

Sorry, there is no tracking information for it expect the following one:

2019-10-30 01:30:00 Departed from ChuLi ZhongXin, United Kingdom

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