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Lost package


I received a reply to a question about a package that has been showing "Shanghai Airline Transportation" since 4/24/20. The reply said it is delayed. How can a package be delayed for almost 3 months?????? The seller I am returning the product to won't refund until they get the package. $56.50 is what I am owed. I feel this package is lost and I would like to file a claim for lost package. Please advise my next steps.

Lynette King

4 Answer(s)

Hi Lynette King,

What's the tracking number?
Tracking # LW497218684CN
Please Daisy help me.
EB774148201CN lost pakage supposed to be deliver to 29 camrose lane, darch, western Australia 6065
I did not receive my package yet and the tracking info says it’s been delivered. I am stay at home mum and have kept my eye on the door expecting the package. Unfortunately,I neither receive my package nor got any information about it. The tracking number is AS750044984CN

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