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my package hasnt moved in a week


I've ordered some clothes from shein and I havent seen any updates since september 1st, this is my tracking number: EB727141845CN , can someone tell me how much longer do I have to wait for my package to leave China? this never happened when shein worked with DHL

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My order hasn’t updated in a week, says at US local courier facility. Any updates? Tracking #420336029200190285272133506188
I placed a SHEIN order on the 4th of April, Andrew tracking hasn’t moved in days and is stuck on “in transit - China flight departure”. I got express shipping, and the estimated date of arrival is the 13th-14th but there has been no updates on SHEIN or on the Royal Mail website.
I’m not sure if I’ve gotten scammed with shipping or not.
My tracking number is - GV596405635GB
Please could someone let me know what the situation could be?
I ordered on the 4th of this month but the package hasn’t moved since then. It says is was shipped and nothing after that. My tracking is 420402299205590285272034139112
Hello, I ordered my packet on April 4 and on April 5th it said that my package had been shipped it's already april 12 and it still hasn't moved from there, I wanna know when my package will arrive, this is the first time this happens to me, I don't wanna get scammed
This is my tracking number 420780409205590285412516613512
Hello I ordered a shein package on March 21st and it is now April 12th and packing has been stuck in “United states arrived at local courier facility” and hasn’t moved from there since March 29th. I want to make sure my package isn’t lost and that I got scammed and money taken away. My tracking number is 420372129205590285272031493064
Hi Corabelsito,

I got the following information. You need to contact the seller to ask if it has been shipped.

Number: 420372129205590285272031493064
Package status: In transit
Country: Belgium -> United States
2021-03-24 00:00 Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item
Hi my name is Ariyana I ordered my package March 31 2021 . it is now April 14 today is my estimate delivery time and it’s not here. I have emailed shein this is not the first time I have ordered through them before. This is the first time I’m having difficulties with my package. I have called over 15 UPS local post office including the customer care line. Half of them are saying Shein hasn’t even shipped it out!!! Other half can’t even locate my package saying it’s the wrong tracking number etc. Where is my package ! My tracking number is 420358109205590285412515709742.
Also when I track it on the shein app it hasn’t updated it says April 5 in transit United States arrived at local courier facility . But nobody can locate or tell me where my package is !
I ordered a package on April 9 and it has not updated in 8 days. Did I get scammed. My tracking number is 420933139205590290769933301426
I ordered a package on April 9 and it has not updated in 8 days. Did I get scammed. My tracking number is 420933139205590290769933301426
I ordered a package on April 9 and it has not updated in 8 days. Did I get scammed. My tracking number is 420933139205590290769933301426
I ordered a package on April 9 and it has not updated in 8 days. Did I get scammed. My tracking number is 420933139205590290769933301426
Shein package haven't moved in a week I need some help please.... My package supposed to arrive for my daughter birthday early in may and I ordered in the 10th april and today is the 21 and it still haven't moved... The tracking# 420331269205590296822800006610
my shein hasnt update the tracking in a week its almost been 2 weeks , my shein usually takes a week.
Hi bryanna,

It's delayed due to some reason. You'd better wait for more days to see.
hi my shein package hasn't updated since the 23rd and usually it updates everyday when i order my tracking number is: 420906409205590285271633476628
I haven't received my packages yet, please help me locate them. I'm worried like seriously. I'm new on shein, don't hurt my feelings and my finances please (crying emoji)
Hi! Order a parcel on May 13th and its last update was may 14th (in transit). My orders tend to update quite often but this one has been in transit for the past 4 days. My order number is GSHMG400N00M712
My tracking number is 712343112913

Hi! I ordered 2 different orders from Shein at the same time. I have tracked both and one has nearly made it to me while the other has said International Warehouse Final Package Sterilization and Inspection Complete. Package Shipped for around 6 days now. Both packages had seemed to be moving together until this one seemed to just stop. My package number is 420615729200190290769944949683. I just want to make sure it’s not lost or anything. Thanks!
I placed a Shein order on May 31st and it’s supposed to arrived here at June 15-18. But it hasn’t updated since June 4. Is it possible to know if it’s moving or lost? Cause I’m getting worried. My tracking is: AS207086774CN
The tracking for my order from hasn’t updated for a while. My order number is 9205590285271819511648. Can you let me know where it is? Thanks.
Hi, please I ordered a package on 6th of July but the tracking hasn’t changed since the China flight took off please let me know where my package is . My package number is GSHMHE00100MF8X an tracking number for DHL is 3SWLT0016347108.
Hello! My package has been in transit at local courier facility for 5 days, I’m just looking for an update.

number: 9205590285271923141335
carrier: usps
Hello, I ordered of SHEIN 2 weeks ago and it’s stuck at local courier facility but no updates from SHEIN.
My tracking number is : WJ627111797GB
Hi Maddie,

You'd better wait for more days to see. If it's stuck for a long time, you need to contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible.

I ordered off shein on july 16, 2021 and i haven't had an update since july 17, my due date was supposed to be 29-30 but im not sure. my tracking number is 9205590294924533496927
all it says is shipped
Good afternoon, I placed an order on Gain Express with the order number LK771460619HK and the last information I have is: 2021-08-27 15:39 HK, delivered to carrier / went to destination, what does it mean? My order is for Spain. How long do I have to wait?
Hi, my order is stuck at shipped, but USPS is still at the pre shipment phase awaiting package, pls I need to know what’s wrong as this has never happened before this is my tracking number 9212490285272172309036
It’s been 15 days no updates from shein BUFZA3080062412YQ
Hi my Shein parcel haven't moved or updated since the 1st of September and it's due delivery is tomorrow please check for me ,order number is GSHMVQ002000L0D

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