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My parcel.


I ordered this on May 30 and would arrive in 13 days. says the info on the aliexpress site.
When will it deliverd.
UR515495160CN trackingcode.

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It left China on June 3 and still in transit to your country now. To my experience, you couldn't get it in 13 days. It usually takes at least a month to be delivered. Better open a dispute if you couldn't get it before the deadline.
I also ordered a drone on the same time, and it was delivered within 10 days. So a bit strange that a phone case would take 1 month. Rather think China Post should do something about a better delivery method. And where in the world is the package now? And can I find an update somewhere?
This package was sent by using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus which is a cheap service of China Post. So, it takes a long time to reach.
What is this a bad post order company. I just want to know where my package is and when it will be delivered. Go for god's sake to improve your service. So that it takes no more than a month or longer before the customer gets his package. If I see all q & a you are really top bad. go for God's sake improve it.
Hi john,

We are not China Post. We are a platform for tracking packages for free and don't stands for China Post. Customs can post reviews of China Post from our website. Hope you could understand.
Where can I find out more about my package? If you are not china post. The link you provide for the tracking does not work!
We provide the same tracking information with China Post. Here is the tracking information available for your package. No more information is available for it. It's the seller's fault to use a cheap way to send it. You'd better contact the seller to give you a solution.

2019-06-03 12:45
Airline departure

2019-06-03 03:00
Scheduled flight number KE0828-0925, scheduled departure time 12:45

2019-06-02 18:57
Delivered to airline transport

2019-06-02 18:56
Delivered to airline transport

2019-06-02 10:06
Leave the Post Shenzhen International Mail Interchange Bureau, the next stop , Shenzhen Exchange

2019-06-02 00:56
Post Shenzhen International Mail Exchange Bureau has been exported directly sealed

2019-06-01 08:07
Arrive at the Post Shenzhen International Mail Exchange Bureau

2019-06-01 03:23
Leave Shenzhen International Bulk Mail Processing Center, next stop , Shenzhen International

2019-06-01 02:49
Shenzhen International Bulk Mail Processing Center has received

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