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My parcel is stuck in customs.


There has no been update on my LO957097244CN since the 1st of April.
I am not sure, is it`s stuck with customs or simply been lost.
I understand, there are delays because of the coronavirus, but is it any chance, my package will be delivered anytime this month?

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Hi belle,

It's still stuck in Shenzhen Swap Bureau now. Packages are delated due to coronavirus from 1-2 months now. You can only wait. You can contact the seller to give you a solution if you couldn't receive it in time.

me too.
my parcel EX217745732SG seems to be stuck in China for more than a month. Since the 14 of May.
Do you have some news ?
EK080942192GB your company is supposed to deliver parcel handed over to you from parcel force why as this parcel stuck and not moved since 10th Nov need to know why! Need answer from your company! Don't send tracking info! Need an answer why not moved!? When is it likely to move? Is it in customs as parcel force claiming? Thanks for time and help a worried sender as this item cannot be replaced !or can you get someone from China post to contact me on my email personally please! Worried might be lost as not moved or delivered yet!
My tracking number is CH123975357US. It has been in Zhengzhou, China customs since February 8th. What can I do from this point to find out why it has been there for so long?
Hi darjam,

It's retained by the customs and waiting for the receiver to pay for the tax now. Yuo need to let the receiver to pay as soon as possible.

Number: CH123975357US
Package status: In transit
Country: United States -> China
2021-02-08 16:39 Zhengzhou City, import customs retained for inspection
2021-02-08 10:25 Zhengzhou City, taxable mail, to be paid by the recipient
2021-02-06 08:26 Zhengzhou City, sent to the import customs
2021-02-06 04:25 Zhengzhou City, leave Zhengzhou Bus Transfer Station, the next stop Zhengzhou International Processing Center (transit)
2021-02-05 21:25 Zhengzhou City, arrived at Zhengzhou Bus Transfer Station (transit)
2021-02-05 03:53 Shanghai, leave the Shanghai Aviation Center, the next stop Zhengzhou Bus Transfer Station (transit)
2021-02-05 02:36 Shanghai, Arrive at Shanghai Aviation Center (transit)
2021-01-28 15:01 Los Angeles, Los Angeles has been exported straight
2021-01-28 02:44 Los Angeles, Leaving The Overseas Export Swap Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2021-01-28 02:44 Los Angeles, leave the Los Angeles Processing Center
2021-01-28 02:43 Los Angeles, to the Overseas Export Swap Bureau
2021-01-25 18:10 United States, Customs release
2021-01-25 15:53 United States, United States has been received
RE: CH138277670US
The custom asked my recipient to provide a receipt, he gave the online purchase invoice, but it was told not OK. The custom also asked for a picture of the items in store. But they were purchased online. They don't have the same thing in store. I gave the online picture. The custom also said not OK. What do I do now?
My item RN320017771GB has been stuck in customs since the 23rd of July, why hasn't it cleared yet?
Hey my package has been assigned to transport. Since Nov 17th, I am just wondering why it stopped in the process all of a sudden. Bit sure if it is customs or something else.

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