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parcel got stuck in customs


I sent the parcel to my friend. It got stuck in customs since October 18. EMS tracking number is ES127301333KR
Receiver said the didn't receive any notification. Could you please check and guide how she can get a parcel.
Thank you.

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You'd better let her check her phone message around October 18. The notice should be in Chinese. If she couldn't find it, let her call China Post service number 11183 to ask how to get it.

I want to know my parcel status. I have checked it being held by custom for about 10 days already.. What is the problem? Please let me know. My tracking number is EE063238848MY.

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Hello, I have a parcel that was sent from china to Australia but parcel has been stuck at customs for a month now. I have emailed my local customs and provided them my tracking but i am told that they do not have the parcel. Could you please help with this issue? The item purchased are not illegal and it does not cost over 1000 aud so its not subject to any tax/duty.

Tracking is LV691025598CN

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