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My parcel shows that it was delivered but I have not received anything


Hello my tracking number is AG985418378CN and in your system shoes that it was successfully delivered but I have not received anything! Can you please have a look at this because i want my order. Thank you in advance!

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I ordered a parcel from Pandora having tracking id AS030843623CN while tracking the parcel it shows the parcel is delivered but I haven’t received any parcel neither the parcel is received by my nearest post office nor they can search the tracking id
Please provide me the actual tracking id or any post of delivery or evidence of delivery
It was very special please provide me with information as soon as possible

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From China to Germany
System Shows "Item presented to customs". Also " customs process finished".
After that your tracking shows "Delivered", but that is wrong. I was at home and nobody delivered any package! Also no further information received.
Would you please be so kind to check where my package is and at which address it was delivered and who did sign? Since weeks nothing changes at your tracking Information Thanks

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