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my parcels are stuck for over 2 weeks by now. please help me out!!!


my parcels didn't move since 2 week, i just want to be sure that theyre not stuck somewhere and that everything is fine.
could you please help me out?

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My parcels start with LV and have been stuck for 2 weeks as well! We are having the same issue.

did anybody answered your questions here? do you know the whereabouts of your parcel? 'daisy' is picking and answering questions at random... very unsatisfying, indeed.
No response yet! But I have seen a post on Reddit say that tracking numbers that start with LV and are from China are very unreliable. The person also lived in Canada! I am going to hope they're just busy due to Christmas!
Saw someone post on here! Their package got shipped after ours and they already recieved it. Ours may be stuck, not sure. We really are the unlucky ones.

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