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package might be stuck?


ordered a package from dhgate been stuck for a month or so HELPP is it lost? or do i wait longer LY159055801CN also LY164430076CN and LY164430120CN someone please help

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Hi lesliexut23,

LY159055801CN arrive in the US on June 4. USPS will deliver it to you recently.
Number: LY159055801CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-06-04 14:27, ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS), Processed Through Facility -> Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS) at 2:27 pm on June 4, 2020.
2020-04-23 00:36, Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
2020-04-23 00:36, CHINA, ZHENGZHOU EMS, Processed Through Facility
2020-04-22 15:48, CHINA, ZHENGZHOU, Processed Through Facility
2020-04-20 16:42, CHINA, Acceptance

LY164430076CN and LY164430120CN are still in transit to the US now. Please wait for more days to get update.
i live in new jersey why is my package in isc san francisco or is that just a stop and will eventually come here or is it being sent to the wrong location? please i need answers LY159055801CN
Hi lesliexut23,

That's just a stop. It will be transited to your address recently.
My package was mailed from China on 1-8-21, tracking number UJ839717235CN. The latest update is from 2-16-21 arrived at US Secondary Processing Center in San Francisco. USPS cannot track this item. Can you locate my package and let me know when it will arrive? Thank you
Hi Brenda,

It's sent by using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus which is a cheap service of China Post. China Post doesn't provide tracking service for it after it arrives in the US. If you couldn't get it in time, you need to contact the seller to give you a solution.
Could you check the status of my package ,tracking #US175406166CN its been in sorting center since 6-17-2021

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