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Package stuck at Beijing?


There is a package I shipped out to China and ever since the 19th, the package is stuck in Beijing. I am not sure if there is a delay but when can I expect to get to its destination which is to Shaoxing?

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Hi em03,

It should be delayed due to the coronavirus situation in Beijing. You'd better contact your local post service to ask when it could be sent to Shaoxing.

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My package with tracking number RE172312368CN got stuck in Beijing. The last available tracking record is dated Dec-31, 2020: "Beijing, leave the Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center, the next stop ,Beijing Terminal (transit)". I would highly appreciate it if you find out why the package got stuck (or, possibly, it was lost?). Is there any hope that the package will be delivered?


Why is my package keep arriving at the sorting center Beijing and leaving it, It makes no sense? It’s been there for 10 days but I keep getting exact same notifications about it. What’s going on?


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Arrived at Beijing
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What is that?

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Hello, I ordered a package on April 17, and my tracking has not updated since April 19. It seems to be stuck in either Beijing International Tianyi Processing Center or Beijing International Mail Exchange Station. I would just like to know if my package has left Beijing and if it is on the way to the United States.

Tracking number is EA929461476CN

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