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Package stuck at “entered port”


Hi, my package has not moved in many days. The tracking says the “entered port” and I am not sure where it is. It is very important that I receive this package and I paid extra for express shipping and my package has already missed its Christmas deadline that was assured by the seller.
LR015687634CN tracking.

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Hi, I have two parcels on transit that have been going from “the airline is shipping” to “the plane entered the port” every 2-3 days, but on 2021/11/03, the status said “plane entered the port” and hasn’t moved since. can someone tell me where is the package and how much longer will it take to arrive? The tracking numbers are EV996360546CN and EB751506081CN

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Tracking number:EB749869122CN
My package is stuck on entered the port status and i dont know what does it mean can someone tell me where is the package and what does that mean also how much time it takes?

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Hello, my items has been in same status "entered the port" for 20 days. What does this mean....Tracking: LY848048809CN

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