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Package stuck at “plane has landed” for 40 days


My package LV712164133CN had been stuck for 40 days and the status is displayed as “plane has landed”. What does it mean? Is the item with customs yet? Please kindly let me know the average duration it takes for packages that start with “LV” to arrive. Thank you!

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My package tracking number is LV765691692CN. Its stuck on plane has landed or plane entering the port since 22 may 2023 more than 15 days. I want to know if its lost or where is it. Thanks

Stuck at “Plane Has Landed” (4 replies)

My package has been at “Plane has landed” for a few days now. Is it delayed? Thank you in advance.
Tracking ID: LW213878058CN


Package stuck at ‘Plane has landed’ (2 replies)

Hi my tracking number is LV65691692CN. Its been stuck at the same update which is plane has landed or plane entering the port from 22 May 2023. Please check and let me know when can I receive my package. Im sick of waiting now

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