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Package Stuck in Fuzhou for Over 1 month


My package (CH114346999US) hasn't moved since Dec. 13th. I have insurance on this package and I can file a claim for a lost package but I need to do this within a week. Should I file a claim? Why isn't the package moving? I've called twice now and only been told that it's stuck in China's customs and is sitting in a warehouse. It should be coming to Taiwan. I want my package but I also don't want to lose the money if my package is lost and they just aren't telling me.

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Hi Cindy S,

Shipping is taking longer due to the pandemic. I suggest you wait to the end of this month to see.

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my package has been stuck at fuzhou ems since may 12! the sender said due to corona virus, the package is stuck there. they were not able to tell me when it would continue to the US. can someone tell me if there are flights from china to US for packages? if there are no flights, will flights resume? if there are flights but few, can i expect my package in some time? what is the estimate?

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