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Package stuck in Liege-Linehaul Arrival for Bulgaria (pt.2)

Asked by Joy | 12/15/2020 3:51:29 AM

I've already read that when stuck in this point , the estimated delivery to Bulgaria is 30-60 days, however I've paid additionally for a shipping [14-28 days] and tomorrow is the 28th day. But as per GOT my parcel LT387316110NL is stuck in Liege-Linehaul Arrival since 01.12.2020. Can you please advise?

Furthermore, for the following parcels I found information stating the below:
LT387847617NL - The item is ready for transport to the last mile carrier
LT389851469NL - The item is ready for transport to the last mile carrier
LT39088550NL - The shipment is handed over in bulk, final acceptance of goods to be confirmed

Can you please advise when to expect the delivery of all the above ?

Thank you in advance!

5 Answer(s)

R.T. 12/15/2020 10:02:38 AM

I also have a shipment from China to Bulgaria and it has been stucked from 01.12.2020 in Liege Linehaul. Probably there is problem with shipments arrived around 1st December in Liege. I want to know whats happend with this shipments.

Mihal 12/16/2020 6:26:22 AM

My shipment also stuck in Liege Linehaul Arrival from 01.12.2020. That's not normal for Aliexpress Standart Shipping method.

Me 12/21/2020 11:12:54 PM

Guys, this is not an official tracking site of China Post. In addition, the tracking numbers are all from PostNL. I has also stuck one of my AliExpress shipping items stuck for a loooong time in Liege-Linehaul and am still waiting for it to arrive.

Ed 1/18/2021 2:22:47 AM

I'm waitting for a parcel its stuck at liege since 24th December 2020 (CH107716521NL) still not move can anyone know what is real reason?

Daisy 1/20/2021 12:18:50 AM

Hi Ed,

It's in Liege now. It should be delayed due to the coronavirus. You'd better wait for more days to get it.

Number: CH107716521NL
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2020-12-28 13:00 Liege-Linehaul Arrival
2020-12-23 22:00 Hand over to airline
2020-12-19 08:55 Received by line-haul
2020-12-19 04:08 Outbound in sorting center
2020-12-19 03:05 Inbound in sorting center
2020-12-19 02:35 Accepted by carrier

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