Asked by ILJA | 1/22/2019 7:25:57 AM

Hello.Is all ok with parcel number CB026476596RU ?It is not tracked for few days.
Thank You.

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Daisy 1/24/2019 7:05:31 AM

You'd better contact the receiver in China to ask if he has got it. If not, let him/her call China Post service number 11185 to check it.

ILJA 1/25/2019 9:53:03 AM

Where is this parcel CB026476596RU?Why is it not tracked?

Daisy 1/27/2019 3:53:45 AM

It could be tracked. The tracking information stops from Jan. 11. You'd better contact the receiver to call China Post to check it.

2019-01-11 19:11
Departure from "Guangzhou Terminal", Next stop "Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center"

2019-01-11 12:39
Arrive at "Guangzhou terminal"

2019-01-10 02:00
Departure from "Beijing Distribution", next stop "Guangzhou terminal" (via Turn)

2019-01-09 19:15
Arrive at "Beijing distribution" (via transfer)

2019-01-09 17:04
Departure from "Beijing Wangjing", the next Stop "Beijing Post mail distribution processing center"

2019-01-07 18:41
Shipped by airline

2019-01-07 16:33
Arrive at "Beijing Terminal"

2019-01-05 06:00
Leave "Moscow."

2019-01-04 23:50
"Moscow" has been exported directly sealed

2018-12-28 22:27
"Moscow" arrives at overseas export Swap Bureau

2018-12-24 19:39
"Russia" received

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