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parcel at Shenyang International Mail Processing Center


My parcel from Italy, CP086914762IT, resulted at this point on last September 8th: "Shenyang City, Leave [Shenyang Center Aviation Processing Center Package Workshop], Next Stop [Shenyang International Mail Processing Center] (transfer)".
After that day, no news about it. It is in Shenyang since nine days and it is it not yet in delivery?
Thank you. Kind regards,

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Hi Edoardo Villata,

We could only see it's stuck in Shenyang city now. I suggest you contact the receiver in China and let the receiver call China Post service number 11185 to further check what happens to it and push China Post to deliver soon.
Thank you Daisy!
Kind regards,
Hello Daisy, I asked a friend to call the China Post Service Number, and they told her the parcel CP086914762IT has been uptodated in Shenyang customs on September 17th. What does it mean? On the website the situation is blocked on September 8th. May I go to the customs, or I have simply to wait for the delivery? But why so slow this time?
Thank you so much.
All the best,

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