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parcel not moved for 12 days


Parcel showing at Lanley Gateway UK to Royal mail 12 days ago no movement since then? How do I find the parcel?

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My return of faulty goods parcel RN689364270GB has not moved for 10 days. 2020-11-1411:44:12Waiting for Customs Declaration by Addressee 深圳市
What is the problem? Parcel was clearly marked Returned Goods

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My parcels numbers are
AS491550947CN it has not moved since 07/13/2020
AS496024041CN it has not moved since 07/16
AS496205208CN it has not moved since 07/18
AS492490167CN it has not moved since 07/21
SYBAD14689476 it has not moved since 07/23
SYAET00904471 it has not moved since 07/23
AS496023664CN it has not moved since 07/26
I ask the store and they always answer "be patience you will get it". All of them are in United States since that date but I does not received them. Can you help me please???

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