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Parcel stuck?


My parcel has benn in that state for about ten days now:
2016-11-24 01:06:54.0 leaving Beijing Airport going to next airport/seaport

How can I find out more information?

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Hi Alex,

What's your tracking number? If it's on the way to your destination, there will be no more information during this period. When it arrives, there will be further update.
My tracking number is RF429853964CN

Thank you very much
Hi Alex,

It just left China on Dec. 2.

Latest tracking result:
2016-12-02 05:17 Beijing, shipment
2016-11-24 01:06 Beijing airport terminal, left hand navigation
2016-11-24 00:34 Beijing airport terminal, arrival
2016-11-23 10:03 Exchange Bureau in Beijing, has been exported
2016-11-22 21:46 Exchange Bureau in Beijing, have been exported to open
2016-11-18 13:08 Nanjing Exchange Bureau, have been exported to each other (internal transit)
2016-11-17 09:29 Exchange Bureau in Nanjing, has been exported to open
2016-11-16 19:15 Nanjing city, China Post Corporation postal letter, letter
2016-11-16 18:06 Postal letter, Nanjing, China Post group has been accepted
2016-11-14 00:44 Electronic information has been received
2016-11-13 23:49 Electronic information has been received
Thank you very much!
Hi my name is Stephanie Cammack,and my parcel is stuck at an terminal,IPHON-1312-KL10 track# and the one that got send over a year ago is UG907038416CN,and my order number for my parcel is 365519484
Sorry, as it have been over a year, it couldn't be tracked now. You'd better contact the seller to give you a solution.
Re: Tracking Comments << Reference ID: 34276611 >>
why do i have to give my credir card details if the i phone is free
I have ordered from aliexpress my tracking number is UR626979334CN
It says its in
2019-07-12 09:27 Nanjing, arriving at Nanjing International Mail
Till now I have not received the item. Could you please let me know the status
Hi msunder,

Better open a dispute on AliExpress as soon as possible. This package is sent by using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus which is a cheap service of China Post. China Post doesn't provide tracking service for it after it moves for some stations in China.
Tracking information on my package has stopped updating. Please help me find my package. The tracking number is UT206829547CN. Last update was 9/12/19.
Hi Emily,

It left China on Sep. 12 and still en route to the US Now.
Hi my parcel is tracking reference number is IPHON-1312-KL10. Please help me.
Hi Angela,

IPHON-1312-KL10 is not a tracking number. You'd better contact the seller to ask for the right one.
i have a same problem it's a bulshit or arnaq this news is a spam not real
Hey I got sms that says my package has remained in delivery point since March 13
Hie my name is courage the send me message my parcel already delivered I am in johanesburg my trackling number is 1312-kl12
Hi Courage,

1312-kl12 is not a tracking number. If you don't receive it, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution ASAP.
Please help. I've been waiting for my parcel for 6 months and I still haven't receive it. The seller says that I should wait but until now it is still in China based on the tracker the seller gave me. The seller doesn't want to process the refund. Also, the seller is not really helpful. And the order is already labeled as closed. What should I do?
Hi ccsoreta,

Try to contact your bank or visa company to ask for a charge back.

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