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Parcel stuck at custom


I'm Nurul from Kuala Lumpur. I'm sending an item to a person in Shanghai. However, I checked my item is being hold by custom (Import) for 10 days already. But no information whether I (sender) or receiver received about this. Could you please update me or the receiver what is happen to the parcel? The tracking number is EE063238848MY

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Hi nurul mukri,

It takes some time for the customs to check. Sometimes it may take about a month. If the recipient doesn't receive any notice, just wait.
Thank you Daisy for the prompt reaponse.

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I’ve sent a parcel in august from Uk, via Royal Mail, the parcel is now stuck at custom and I don’t know the reason, the receiver refuses to contact the custom to find out, tracking number is RN428183640GB. Could you please assist and let me know what is the problem?
Thank you

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Hi there,
Could you please check where my parcel is? It is currently stuck at custom and the receiver, 刘小姐 has not been contacted. It's been stuck at custom for a month now. Could you please call the receiver to pick up the parcel? The tracking number is EE203537726CA.
Thank you for your help,

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This parcel has been stuck at Beijing export custom for more than 2 weeks.
Whats the problem ? It should just take 1-2 days for a parcel to be checked at export custom
Tracking number is: RV524161788CN

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