Parcel stuck since 2020-04-13

Asked by jcleong | 5/4/2020 8:07:10 PM

My parcel is stuck at since 13 April. Checked with Singpost and they said is not in their system. Please advise ASAP.
Tracking No.: AS974223129CN

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Daisy 5/5/2020 3:27:54 AM

Hi jcleong,

It's still in transit and hasn't arrived in Singapore. Please wait for more days to see.

Number: AS974223129CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Singapore
2020-04-13 17:00, SG, Mail in transit within the country
2020-04-13 05:15, SG, Mail Clearance Completes SG
2020-04-12 14:15, SG, is in the process of customs clearance, please contact SG for details
2020-04-12 04:00, SG, Reach SG
2020-04-10 12:05, Shenzhen, China, leaving Shenzhen, China
2020-04-10 08:13, Shenzhen, China, arriving in Shenzhen, China
2020-04-09 17:42, Guangzhou City, leaving the "International Express Plum Garden" And the next stop , "Shenzhen Post Express Limited"
2020-04-09 14:29, Guangzhou City, "International Express Mei Garden Touting Department" has received

Wen Kai 6/25/2020 9:16:21 AM

Can you help me to track my parcel please? Many thanks!

Xinhua 8/14/2020 1:58:16 PM

CP414073785CN This is my parcel number. Why did it arrive at the processing center on July 22nd, and then the logistics information is not updated? Did my parcel be lost? When will I receive my parcel?

Daisy 8/15/2020 10:25:09 PM

Hi Xinhua,

It arrived in Lithuania on July 22 and will be transited to UK. As it's sent by train, it's slow. Please wait for more days to get update.

Aldrich 9/1/2020 5:06:19 AM

Hi my return parcel for my taobao purchase to china has been held at customs for nearly a week. Any idea how do i resolve this issue?
Tracking number: RC775613978SG

Daisy 9/2/2020 7:27:20 PM

Hi Aldrich,

Is RC775613978SG the right tracking number? There is no tracking information for it.

Aldrich 9/10/2020 7:02:31 AM

Hi Daisy,
RC775613978SG is correct. There are details on Singpost tracking.

It is still listed as “Held at customs” without any updates

Daisy 9/10/2020 7:22:50 PM

Hi Aldrich,

You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and let them contact the customs to ask what he should do to let it be released.

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