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Parcel Track ER401147992SG


May I know what is the status of this delivery? It says in EMS Speedpost SG that delivery is unsuccessful. Is it because receipient is not at location and will you contact reciepient to ensure sucessful delivery of parcel?

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Hi Abner,

You need to let the receipient in China call China Post service number 11185 to ask for a re-delivery.
Hi I noticed that this parcel is not delivered even after recipient in China contact you? May I know why and how to resolve this?

Hi Abner,

It should be too late when the receiver contact China Post. It's on the way back now.
I communicated with the recipient and below is his reply. He contacted China Post to receive the parcel however something went wrong with your service side??
I called twice to the Post Office. The first time, they told me there was no problem, I just need to wait patiently. The second time, they told me that, the package had been returned to the sender because the table on the package was missing and they couldn't delivery.

I paid good money on this delivery and was expecting goods to be delivered smoothly. Please offer a solution to this??

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