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Parcel's stuck in Guangzhou


Hi! May I know if my parcel is still in Guangzhou or en-route to Singapore? How long does it take to ship from Guangzhou to Singapore. Usually it takes only one day from Shanghai to Singapore. The tracking number is LA992860997CN.

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Hi Krystal,

Shipping is taking longer due to the pandemic. It takes about 15-30 days to have update showing it arrives in Singapore after it was delivered by airline. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
My parcel LZ195892714CN has been stuck in Guangzhou since 3 August. It has no Other update since then and it’s September now. and the seller has no information for me. Please can you tell me where is it now and how long till it gets sent out of Guangzhou? Tracking number is LZ195892714CN

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What is currently going on with your post? I have several parcels stuck at Shenzen / Guangzhou. My registered parcels have been stuck for 2 months. I also have some Ordinary mail parcels that have also not arrived, but their last tracking shows going through Shenzen.
Other parcels that went through different region, have already arrived, despite ordering much later.
Talking to others, they also have same issue with parcels who went to Guangzhou and not arriving.
Thank you.

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Can you give me some info about whats happening in Guangzhou. I have several registered parcels with almost a month without any status change. Last status shows Guangzhou international for all of them, and every newer order that goes to Guangzhou also get stuck at same point. It's not only my parcels, we have here (Serbia) a big forum with topic dedicated to tracking parcels and as far as we can see every parcel in more than a month didn't move past Guangzhou international check point. Basically appears to packets get piled indefinitely there. Lot of people are reserved now and thinking to stop making any new purchase.
Thank you and have a nice day

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Kind Regards


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