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Parcels to be delivered


A parcel was sent from the uk to me in Tianjin tracking code RN852208691GB. I am still waiting for this parcel to arrive and it has been sent back to the mailing station. Could you please advise on when this will be delivered. My mobile number is +8613512940314 and this can be linked to my parcel to contact me for when it will be delivered. I am often not home during the day due to being a teacher but the package can be left at the gate of my community if the courier is able to let me know what this is the case. Thanks

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I have not receive 4 Parcels, although their tracking number presents them as delivered in 24/12/2021. In the same time these parcels are neither been delivered to the local post (Greece national Post) that usually handle the parcels from China. Could you inform me where exactly have been delivered this parcels??
1) tracking no: AS748701050CN
2) tracking no: AS748702758CN
3) tracking no: AS748708163CN
4) tracking no: AS74916079CN

Tracking parcels (1 reply)

Dear whom it may concern,

I wanna know where my parcels are,
one is CT613455713CN
the other is CT613455761CN.

one is stated 'DELIVERED' which is not true. I haven't recieved any piece of it.
and the other is 'IN TRANSIT'.
both of them were supposed to be arrived last week.

+ SENDER have sent 4 parcels to 2 address each.
I haven't got any, but rest of 2 parcels, sent to different address in Korea, are delivered perfectly.

So I desperately need to know where they are now!
Thank you for your cooperation :)

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Hi there! I've had two parcels from amazon pass through your courier and are now set as "Delivered" I've received neither of the parcels or a note through the door. Could you please tell me where my parcels have been delivered to?
Tracking codes are:

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