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Please help me know where my packages are


LY585636496CN LY578516745CN I have 2 packages coming from China and there has been no updates in weeks! I would like to know where they are and if I’ll be receiving them soon? Please help

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Hi Jojo2020,

They are in the middle location now. To my experience, they should be reached around Jan.15. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

Reached as in they might be delivered around those dates? Or as in I’ll get an update ?
Hi Jojo2020,

If there is no delay, it should be reached and there will be update around Dec. 23.
Dec. 23rd or January 23rd?
Hi Jojo2020,

January 23rd
I’m not fully understanding, will I have an update on January 23rd on where my package is or will it be delivered?
Hi Jojo2020,

There will be update showing it arrives in the US next.
Can you help me find my package LY578516745CN
Can you help me find my package ? LY578516745CN

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