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Good evening. I want to send to my country Uzbekistan some documents. What i must do and how much it will be cost

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Hi Kamron,

You can go to the nearest China post office to send your documents. The things you need to prepare include the detailed address to Uzbekistan and your address in China. You'd better ask one of your Chinese friends to go there to send with you. Or you can let your Chinese friend help you to dail 11185 to ask the carrier to pick the document up at your door by telling him the place you live.
I have about 100 flash cards. So i want to send them to my country , Uzbekistan. How can I do that?. Thank you for answer in advance.

You can go to you nearest large post office to send directly.
Hi Daisy
I just asked about it. but they are not able to send U-flash cards. You know that all my flash cards (about 100) are equal to only 2 kg. I am looking for way how to send them to my country
If China Post couldn't deliver it to you, you need to find a express agency to help you send. I suggest 4PX to you.

Address:No  201-221.Domestic Air Cargo Terminal ,Airport Fourth Road, BaoAn ShenZhen,Guangdong China.
ZIP CODE:518128

Email: [email protected]
Hi Daisy . Thank you very much. I got your information. I will try doing what you are saying!! Thank you
Hello! Good evening! I have one phone that needs to be sent to Namangan city,Uzbekistan. Please give some advice about how to send it and charges for it. Now I am in Chongqing CHina. thanks a lot
Hi muhammad,

You can go to your nearest post office to send it to Uzbekistan.

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Good evening. I want to send to my country Uzbekistan some documents. What i must do and how much it will be cost

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