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I'm looking for a company to ship clothes to SWITZERLAND from SHANGHAI. Two parcels of 20kg each. I want to send it by boat, the less expensive way. It doesn't matter how long it will take to arrive. How much will it cost approximatively? Then, how do I proceed? Should I get to China Post with my luggage and buy there a big box where I transfer my clothes? And for the adress can I write it in Pinyin? Thanks..

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Hi Loana,

Yes, you should go to the China Post office with your luggage. Most of the offices would ask you to buy their own boxes to avoid couldn't pass the check.

The price is about 570 RMB for 20kg parcel by ship. You'd better go to the post office to ask again. The SWITZERLAND address should not be in Pinyin. For the address in Shanghai, you can write it in Pinyin.

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