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Questions about exact location of parcel

Asked by Michael Tandinata | 3/13/2020 2:01:20 AM

Hi, I’m using 17track to track my parcel (LO853057539CN).

There are 2 tabs when I tracked my location.
- Destination
CHINA CN, Departure from outward OE
2020-03-10 02:17

- Origin
Zhengzhou City, leaving Zhengzhou International Processing Center, the next stop , Zhengzhou Bus Transfer Station
2020-03-10 06:02

My question is, where is exactly my parcel now? Regarding to Destination, it should be flying to my country. And it’s been 3 days it had no movement. The flight from China to Indonesia supposed to be less than 1 day.

But if we see the Origin, it’s still in China waiting for the bus transfer.

May I know the real status of my parcel and when will it move to next process?

Thank you.

8 Answer(s)

Daisy 3/13/2020 6:08:11 AM

Hi Michael Tandinata,

What's the tracking number?

Michael Tandinata 3/13/2020 6:34:15 AM


Steve 3/12/2021 2:41:21 AM

Could you please tell me the exact location of my parcel please as it hasn't moved in some time now. Tracking number: LB002759108CN

Daisy 3/14/2021 7:34:21 PM

Hi Steve,

LB002759108CN is still in Chongqing now.

Number: LB002759108CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2021-03-12 15:43 Leave the Chongqing Unity Village Center Station, China Processing Center
2021-03-05 10:23 Chongqing, sent to the carrier
2021-03-03 17:00 Chongqing City, leaving the Chongqing International Processing Center, the next stop, Chongqing Exchange Station (transit)
2021-03-03 10:31 Chongqing City, Chongqing International Processing Center has been exported directly sealed
2021-03-01 21:31 Chongqing, Chongqing International Processing Center (transfer)
2021-03-01 19:27 Chongqing City, Leave the International Small Package Business Department, next stop Chongqing International
2021-03-01 15:09 Chongqing City, "International Small Package Business Department" has been received and sent

Theres 3/19/2021 6:51:58 AM

AQ886701870CN has been at the local sorting center in Switzerland since 2021-01-25 10:48 PM.

I would like to know why mine is stored in the sorting center Switzerland via AliExpress for so long (almost 2 months) and do I want to deliver where I can keep my place of residence?
Please reply quickly and deal with greetings

Daisy 3/21/2021 8:08:39 PM

Hi Theres,

It's not normal for it stuck for so long time. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and g et a solution as soon as possible.

Gordon 55 3/22/2021 1:03:05 PM

I bought a item from China, over a month ago, was told 15 days tracking Number is LB003319589CN I have looked to see where it is but information hasn't changed in days,can anyone help.

Daisy 3/23/2021 7:20:22 PM

Hi Gordon 55,

According to the tracking information, it's returned back to China now. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution.

Number: LB003319589CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2021-03-24 01:37 China, Item received
2021-03-23 12:28 Heathrow Worldwide DC, United Kingdom, Item has left our International Processing Centre
2021-03-23 07:33 LANGLEY HWDC, United Kingdom, Item Received
2021-03-07 08:52 China, Item Leaving overseas
2021-03-01 08:21 Sender preparing item
2021-03-01 07:50 China, Item received

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