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Security return (several times)



I have ordered some items from different sellers in Aliexpress, to be shipped to Doha, Qatar, and every time the packages reaches Beijing, it will be returned for security check, each package weighs between 500g to 900g and the packages contain (Sunglasses/ carbon fiber metallic wallet/ keychains/ knee support braces).

Last time two of my parcels been returned to the seller and he reshipped it again, but still every time the parcels reach Beijing will return more than 8 times.

bellow the tracking numbers for some orders:

Can you please explain to me what is happening?

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Hi Badreddine,

RV471044751CN and RE115048308CN couldn't pass the check and are on the way back to the seller now.

RE127665727CN and RV491652892CN should could leave China and will be headed for Qatar.
Can you explain to me the reason after the security check return?
Hi Badreddine,

Packages are packed in a large package to be checked. If one of them has problem, this large package will be returned to be checked again. There may be no problem with yours but because others which are in the same large package with yours have problems, yours will be returned back to be checked again.
What should I do to pass the check?
Hi Badreddine,

You can do nothing. Just wait. If it couldn't be left China for two months, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution.

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